Welcome To Planet HIPAA

When You Hear The Word HIPAA Do You?

  • Roll Your Eyes?
  • Think Of All Of The Recent Data Breaches, Audits And Fines And Think That Will Never Happen To You?
  • Know In The Back Of Your Head You Are Out Of Compliance?
  • Have No Idea What HIPAA Compliance Really Means?

Did You Answer Yes To Any Of These?

Don't Worry, You Are Not Alone In The Universe. Luckily You Landed On Planet HIPAA, Proof There Is Intelligent Life In The Universe!

All Good Stories Need A Hero...

And Your HIPAA Compliance Hero Is Danika Brinda, PhD!

Danika Is A True Expert In All Matters Privacy & Security. She Brings A Wealth Of Practical Experience To Healthcare Organizations And Business Associates With HIPAA Requirements And State Privacy & Security Regulations.

Danika’s Experience With HIPAA Privacy & Security Includes Conducting Risk Assessments, Creation And Implementation Of Risk Mitigation Plans, Creation And Updating Of Policies & Procedures, Creating And Conducting HIPAA Education Sessions, Breach Notification Process, And Creation Of Privacy & Security Governance Programs Within Healthcare Facilities.

Danika Has Extensive Knowledge Working In Both Paper And Electronic Environments, Including A Wide Range Of Experience With Different Electronic Health Records In Diverse Healthcare Specialties.


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