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Finally! HIPAA Compliance Is As Easy As Pushing A Button...

Your Days Of HIPAA Confusion, Frustration And Fear Are Over. Planet HIPAA Has Launched A Revolutionary Product That Is Easy, Complete And Inexpensive.  Join Us Now And Never Stress About HIPAA Again!


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Dr. Danika Brinda, CEO, Planet HIPAA

Working for years as a HIPAA compliance consultant I realized not everyone shares my passion for HIPAA. I know all practices care about their patients' privacy and don't want to intentionally cause a data breach or end up with a fine for unauthorized use of patient information. Unfortunately, HIPAA laws can be confusing, frustrating, time-consuming and as a result, many practices choose to not comply with the regulations or just give up because of the complexity.

I Knew There Must Be A Better Way!

The Perfect HIPAA compliance solution needs to be:

  • A complete, customized HIPAA Compliance Solution that is based on realistic practices for an organization
  • Include an online private portal that could be accessed from any device desktop or mobile that keeps important documents stored for safe and easy access
  • Simple to use with oversight and guidance like "I was right there looking over your shoulder"
  • Simple and fun (yes I said fun) to use
  • An inexpensive, cost effective investment that can help you attain and maintain HIPAA compliance long-term

I finally created it, and I am so excited to show it to you!

Introducing HIPAA Autopilot

HIPAA Compliance On Easy Mode!

What's Included In HIPAA Autopilot?

HIPAA Privacy & Security Risk Analysis

HIPAA Autopilot guides you through questions that produce a beautiful, customized HIPAA Risk Analysis. An annual Risk Analysis is included as long as you are enrolled.

Guided HIPAA Risk Management

Easy to follow and understand customized guidance for remediating any HIPAA risks revealed in your custom HIPAA Risk Analysis.  HIPAA Autopilot will provide you customized Risk Management Documentation.

Customized HIPAA Policies & Procedures

Through a simple guided journey, you will receive complete and customized HIPAA policies and procedures with supporting forms, letters, and templates.  Every document you need will come with clear instructions on use.

Online Employee HIPAA Training

Annual HIPAA Training is a necessity for your staff and HIPAA Autopilot makes it a fun multi-media experience. You can track employee completion and add new employees at any time.  Unlike other training solutions, HIPAA Autopilot does not charge you more for additional employees!

Simple Monthly HIPAA Tasks

Every month you will receive a HIPAA Mission to complete that will help support your HIPAA Compliance Program.  No more guessing on what you should be doing for HIPAA Compliance. Maintain excellence with small steps at the right times.

Monthly HIPAA Webinars

Every month you will be invited to a Live Webinar with HIPAA expert, Dr. Danika Brinda. These will help boost your HIPAA Knowledge.  Webinars will include news, guidance and actionable tips. If you ever miss one live it will be archived in your mission control portal.

Customized Business Associate Agreements

Customized Business Associate Agreement Templates (BAA) for you to use with all current and future business associates.  HIPAA Autopilot helps you analyze and determine which vendors you need to establish business associate agreements with.

Secure HIPAA Documentation Storage

With HIPAA Autopilot you no longer have to worry about how you are going to store your compliance documentation.  All of you HIPAA Documentation will be stored and maintained in your online portal, allowing easy access and storage of HIPAA Documentation for the 6 year requirement.

"At Visionflex we worked with Danika Brinda to guide us through the HIPAA compliance process. Danika is extremely knowledgeable! She translated the daunting complexities of the regulations into plain language that made it straightforward for us to implement. Danika provided the full support we needed, including policies and procedures, Business Associate Agreements, and company training. At Visionflex we are extremely happy to be working with Danika and would recommend her services to any organization that needs expert guidance with HIPAA compliance."

Andrew Kleinert
CTO, Visionflex

HIPAA Autopilot Pricing

HIPAA Compliance Has Never Been Easier And More Affordable!




Custom Annual Privacy & Security HIPAA Risk Analysis

Customized HIPAA Policies & Procedures

Easy To Complete Online Employee HIPAA Training - Unlimited Employees

Customized Business Associate Agreements

Customized Notice Of Privacy Practices

Monthly HIPAA Guidance And Tasks To Keep You In Compliance

Monthly HIPAA Webinars

All Custom Documents Stored In Secure Online Portal





Same Great Features As Single Clinic

Reduced Pricing





Same Great Features As Single Clinic

Best Pricing

Concierge Setup

1 ON 1 Onboarding


HIPAA Autopilot Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked!


Decide If HIPAA Autopilot Is Right For You And Your Organization.

Who Is HIPAA Autopilot For?

HIPAA Autopilot is built for organizations that need help with navigating the complex HIPAA regulations and implementing a solid HIPAA Compliance program without paying an exorbitant amount in fees.  It helps allow an organization to manage their own HIPAA compliance, learn how to manage HIPAA in their organization, and enjoy the experience of creating a HIPAA Compliance Program! The easiest, most complete HIPAA Compliance solution available.

Why Do I Need HIPAA Autopilot?

The HIPAA regulations can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when you wear multiple hats within your organization.  HIPAA Autopilot was created to make HIPAA compliance easy and simple by limiting the amount of time and energy you need to spending on completing work to comply with HIPAA.  HIPAA Autopilot also keeps you in compliance throughout the year by providing you with small monthly tasks and regular webinars.  It also for your organization's HIPAA Compliance to move forward while you navigate the rest of the tasks you have to do!

I'm An Attendee Of The MGE Owner's Conference, Do I Get Anything Special?

We have a great special just for attendees!  MGE Owner's Conference attendees receive a 30% discount on the HIPAA Autopilot Monthly Fee for Life!  Just use Coupon Code MGE18. Act fast, as this special ends July 7, 2018!

I Work In A Small Dental Practice, Do I Really Need To Worry About HIPAA?

HIPAA Compliance is necessary for any organization that bills insurance in an electronic format.  Just because you are a small organization, doesn't mean that you are less likely to have a data breach or less likely to be investigated by the government.  In addition, you are collecting valuable and personal information of you clients, you owe it to them to properly make sure you are protecting their information by complying with the HIPAA Regulations.  

What If I Buy HIPAA Autopilot And Think It Is Not For Me? 

We are confident that you will be 100% pleased with the HIPAA Autopilot Product and be relieved on how easy it is to build your HIPAA Compliance Program!  If you are not completely satisfied, we offer a 30 Day Money back Guarantee!  

I have a question that is not answered here. How can I get help?

Our customer care team is here to help, you can contact them via email at [email protected]

Become HIPAA Compliant Today!

Avoid Costly Fines and Public Embarrassment. It has never been easier to achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance. Let Planet HIPAA put you on autopilot and never fear HIPAA again


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