When You Hear The Word HIPAA Do You?

Did You Answer Yes To Any Of Those? Don't Worry, You Are Not Alone!

Luckily You Landed On Planet HIPAA, Proof There Is Intelligent Life In The Universe!

All Good Stories Need A Hero

Your HIPAA Compliance Hero Is Dr. Danika Brinda!

Danika, the founder, and CEO of Planet HIPAA has made it her personal goal to help healthcare organizations be compliant with their privacy and security requirements because she understands how important it is for them to protect patients' sensitive information.

Danika Is A True Expert In All Matters of Privacy & Security. She Brings A Wealth Of Practical Experience To Healthcare Organizations And Business Associates With HIPAA Requirements And State Privacy & Security Regulations.

Planet HIPAA is a HIPAA compliance company with a mission to make HIPAA compliance more simple!